Troubleshooting & FAQ

We are always happy to help you anytime, however you might be able to solve your problem much faster by checking this page

The video is not loading

Possible explanation:

  • Your browser does not support HTML5 or Flash.


  • Upgrade your browser. We suggest Google Chrome .
  • View the text version of the presentation. Click here .

  • The "BUY" button is not visible or it does not work

    Possible explanation:

  • Your browser does not support JavaScript.


  • Upgrade your browser. We suggest Google Chrome .
  • To buy the product directly, click here .

  • I did not receive the confirmation email

    Possible explanation:

  • You have an anti-spam software installed.
  • Your e-mailing services provider has an anti-spam software installed.
  • Solution:

  • Please check your spam folder.
  • Attention! If your email server has a spam filter, you might only receive a notification that an email has been dropped
       to the spam folder without sending the actual mail to you.

  • When I download or open a PDF file, it saves with the extension .txt

    Possible explanation:

  • It seems that some browsers (Safari on mac) save the files with the extension .txt this is due to the fact that
       the browser has encountered an unknown file extension.
  • Solution:

  • Just remove the .txt from the end of the file name and the file will now play/open correctly.

  • I can't watch the videos

    Possible explanation:

  • You might need a better video player, or a better codec pack.
  • Solution:

  • Ensure you have a media player installed. We suggest you to use the following:
  • If you do have a media player installed you are probably missing the codec. You have to install a codec package.
       We suggest you install K-Lite free codec pack

  • The movie plays but I only have sound:

    Possible explanation:

  • You are most likely missing the correct video codec to view the video.
  • Solution:

  • Install a codec pack - We suggest you to use K-Lite free codec pack .

  • Where are my other products?

  • All the products you have bought are on your product page. Check your email for the link.
        You may scroll down to the product you want to download / view.
  • Alternatively you may use the quick menu at the top of the page to navigate to your various products.

  • How do I download a file?

  • You click on the download link beneath the product.
  • If you are having problems accessing the file like this, right-click the download button and then "Save Link As ..."
        on your context menu and choose a location where you want the file to be stored on your computer.